Fluid Handling & Pumping

Collins provides pumps and accessories to transfer, spray and dispense a variety of f luids used in industrial manufacturing. We have a pump for nearly every application, from micro-dispensed, pail, drum and tote evacuation. We pump, circulate, ratio, meter, f i lter, and apply the following f l uids: •Paint & UV Coatings •Powder •Chemicals & Solvents •Lubricants •Adhesives & Mastics •Food, Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical Products Collins can provide you with the best pump for your f luid handling challenge. We offer air, electric and hydraulic power depending on your working environment. Collins provide pumps to move f luids at nearly every pressure, volume and viscosity.

Spray & Dispense Applicators

Collins has automatic and manual spray and dispense applicators to put the precise amount of material exactly where you need it. •HVLP Air Spray, Air-Mix, Airless & AA •Electrostatic Spray, Rotary Atomizers, Bells & Discs •External Charge Waterborne Electrostatic

Powder Coating Equipment

• Wagner, manual and automatic powder gun systems • Powder equipment increases transfer efficiency over standard spray guns • Manual units come with 50# hoppers or direct from box feed systems

Spray Booths

• Custom Designed | Engineered and fabricated for your application • Open faced, conveyorized, enclosed, drive-thru • Recirculating Booths | Reduce 90% of make up air and operation cost • Spray & Bake | Reduce dry times by 80%; achieve repeatable and predictable output regardless of the humidity or temperature in your facility • Fabricated from G-90 galvanized sheet steel, nut/bolt assembly on 6” centers, white coated steel optional • Vapor-tite and gasketed lights with high efficiency T-8 ballast and color corrected lamps • Only The Best | Rohner® and Global Finishing Solutions® • Paint Filters | Columbus Industries expanded paper pads and blankets, polyester pocket filters. Chemco Mfg. fiberglass and polyester pad and roll media. Specialty media for waterborne and high solids.